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I enjoy being productive and delivering value to the organisation I’m working for. I’m happy to take a leadership role (as I have in Menulog Group), but don’t see that as essential to my fulfillment.

At the moment I am most productive when using Java, but I’d be happy to learn other languages and frameworks, especially Kotlin. I am very familiar with jQuery, and plan to learn Vue.js, and would also be happy to learn other modern Javascript frameworks like React.

At MYOB and Menulog Group I have worked for a considerable time in the same business and it has allowed me to gain a deep knowledge of the business and technology, which in turn, has allowed me to be highly productive, which I find satisfying. I hope I can repeat this in future jobs.

I don’t want to just spend my whole time working on code, I’d enjoy a job where I can also contribute in other ways, for example analysing data, defining requirements, researching new ideas and approaches, devops, leadership and managing vendors.

I want to stay in Melbourne (not relocate) so I can be close to my extended family.

Technologies that I’d like to try

This is a list of technologies that I have started learning about, and would like to try on a commercial project.