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Web App Security

My interest in web app security developed after working on security enhancements to AMP Capital’s secure client website in 2010. I developed my knowledge in this area at MYOB where I could see the crucial importance of protecting our customers’ business data. I’ve attended a number of OWASP events and a SANS course about Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking.

I have been involved in the PCI-DSS compliance process for EatNow.com.au, BupaOptical.com.au and MYOB.

Data Science

I am fascinated by data analysis, machine learning, predictive modelling and artificial intelligence. I don’t have much expertise in this area, but would jump at any opportunity to be involved in it and learn more.

Recently at Menulog I worked on a small lead scoring project using XGBoost.

Performance tuning

I enjoy improving the efficiency of software. This can make the user interface more responsive, and improve user satisfaction. It can also enable a system to serve a higher volume of traffic, or reduce the running costs of the system’s infrastructure.

At Infosys I spent a lot of time tuning the Oracle SQL queries used for generating reports for Telstra’s Enterprise Program Management system.

At MYOB I did a major refactoring of the application to eliminate a performance bottleneck related to matching bank transactions with journal entries. This allowed us to remove a large number a stored procedures from the database and replace them with much simpler and more efficient code.

At Menulog Group I made use of AWS’s ElastiCache for Memcache to ensure that EatNow could scale to over 200 orders per minute.